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We have worked for more than 7 years, with 200+ works of different size and direction completed during this time. We took part in such large projects as the concept of roadside infrastructure of the Taurida highway, Digital Valley and the concept of the Patriot Park branch in Sevastopol.
Residential complexes visualization
Package development of materials for sale and presentation of property items.
Virtual reality
Development of applications using virtual reality technology for the presentation of your projects on smartphones and special VR-headsets.
Augmented reality
Development of applications using the augmented reality technology for the presentation of your projects on smartphones and tablets.
Development of design documentation for buildings and structures, as well as public spaces, including presentation and promotional materials.
Analysis of map data
Collection and analysis of local and open data.
complex approach
In our work, we take into account the
User Experience, and we design how your customers will interact with the product and what they will get after.

Sevastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry
The concept of territory development
Visualization of a residential microdistrict
Microdistrict with objects of social infrastructure
Residential area "Sapun gora"
Visualization of the concept of building
Visualization of a residential complex
Residential complex
Visualization of a residential complex and adjacent territory
Administrative building
MANO "Night wolves"
The concept of the facade of the building
Gasfort Holiday Park
Pension AY-liya
Visualization of the complex boarding house
Kindergarten and Junior School
The concept of the development of the gymnasium, Simferopol
Memorial Complex
The concept of the memorial complex
Monument to the deported
Development and visualization of the monument, Simferopol
Memorial of the Defense of Sevastopol
The development of the monument on the territory of 15 Coastal Bathtree

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