New format of sales office

Using modern technologies of virtual and augmented reality,
creating a wow effect for customers
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complex approach
In our work, we take into account the
User Experience, and we design how your customers will interact with the product and what they will get after.

Virtual sales office
It is proposed to equip a sales office, and possibly a construction site, with applications and equipment for introducing innovative ways of presenting and selling an object.
The equipment is compact and mobile enough for visiting professionally oriented exhibitions.
application of

virtual reality

Viewing of the apartment and interior in the virtual reality headset in office or on construction site.
The customer will be able to fully navigate both around the real apartment on site and in office using the "moving to the picked point".
We can fill the apartment with standard furniture for illustrative purposes or use a pre-developed interior design.
Virtual interior
Virtual interior
Viewing of the apartment and interior in the virtual reality headset or at the computer.
The customer can download the computer version from your site or get it on a flash drive.
The program does not require any special installation and can be adjusted to any characteristics of the computer.
Interactivity of applications.
The functions of changing any finishing materials and interior filling can be optionally added in the viewing of apartments.
Virtual interior
application of

augmented reality

Development of applications using the augmented reality technology for the presentation of your projects on smartphones and tablets.
An application with the augmented reality technology using a tablet or smartphone shows a three-dimensional model of a building, a whole floor or a separate apartment.
Instead of a static image, customers will get on hands an interactive model with which to interact: rotate, zoom in, change the viewing angle. They will also be able to switch between the model of the whole building to the model of any of the apartments in order to have a closer look at the layout.
With the application installed on the customer's smartphone, the customer will be able to become familiar with it at home, discuss it with relatives and friends and share photos of the model in social networks.
Such an interaction will attract great attention both of customers and of those around them.
Customers will get an interactive experience of interaction with the apartment which they will be able to share at home with their families, which will result in the logical choice of X-factor and more reasons for buying.

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